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Strategies To Boost Your Online Presence With Short Form Video Content

Africa Aguiar Lería
Africa Aguiar Lería

Short form video content can be defined as brief videos of a duration ranging anywhere from a few seconds to up to 2 minutes in length. The general purpose of short form video content is to convey information in a digestible manner or entertain viewers quickly. It’s different from traditional, long-form video content (like movies, TV shows, longer videos…) in that they are optimized for consumption on-the-go, on digital platforms such as social media, where attention spans are often limited and viewing times are often unstable. Viewers will scroll through social media while on public transport, while lounging for a few minutes on the couch, while waiting in line… these viewing habits call for short, quick formats that can be easily consumed in a small window of opportunity, unlike content such as movies or TV shows, that require full-focused attention, settling in, and a considerable amount of time.

The increasing popularity and current hegemony of the short form video trends can be traced to several factors:

  1. The widespread availability of smartphones with high-quality cameras which render content creation by the user simple and fast as well as qualitative.
  2. The increasing popularity of social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, not only among users, but among advertisers as well.
  3. The increasing demand for bite-sized content that can, as we have seen, be consumed easily on the go.

The creators of this kind of short social media videos employ an array of studied techniques, such as fast-paced editing, catchy and repetitive music, concise storytelling, and subtitles or captions always, to enable sound-less consumption of the content, this all in the aim of engaging viewers and keeping them entertained. Short form video content is not constrained to one sector or topic, and its uses are vast, ranging from comedy sketches and DIY tutorials to news updates and product demonstrations or artistic ultra-short films.

In a nutshell, short form video content is a concise and engaging way to communicate with users and clients, entertain audiences, and cater to the preference and behavior of your online users. It has become a key element for any marketing strategy, going above and beyond the reach of its original container, social media. Let’s explore the impact short form video content can have on your business, be it retail, tourism, real estate, or even B2B. This is a master strategy any industry can benefit from.

From social media to website: a transition that makes sense

As we have seen, short form video trends grew from social media platforms, and has its roots firmly planted in this environment. The format gained traction in this context initially thanks to its capability of captivating audiences with its brief, engaging content. Many platforms such as Snapchat, and specially TikTok, revolutionized the way people consume and create content. This paved the way for the widespread adoption of short form videos across the internet, and nowadays they can be found on every social media platform (Instagram with its Reels, YouTube with Shorts, etc) as well as on websites, where short videos are put forth to display products, demonstrate correct use, answer questions, etc.

Even though social media remains the main hub for short form video content, from where much of the content implemented on websites is taken, its influence has largely transcended these platforms and migrated to the extended web. Companies across different sectors have recognized the potential of incorporating short videos on their website with the purpose of enhancing user engagement, driving traffic, improving user experience and ultimately boosting conversions.

From the many advantages of hosting short form video content on a company’s website, one of the key ones is that it gives the ability to influence the user experience. Unlike on social media platforms, where content can very easily be lost in a sea of posts, videos on a company’s website can be placed strategically to guide visitors through the sales funnel, highlight key products and services, reassure users, provide insights into manufacturing processes or the company’s values, and much more.

Short form video content can be efficiently displayed on any device, and its advantages are numerous and considerable.
Enriching your webpages on any device through short form video content greatly enhances user experience and boosts conversions.

Beyond that, the short form video trends have proven to be highly effective when it comes to conveying complex information in a concise and digestible manner. For instance, companies in sectors such as education, technology or real estate can leverage this format to explain concepts, showcase demonstrations, provide tutorials or explain key elements in depth.

From a marketing standpoint, the integration of short video content into a company’s website significantly enhances its digital presence. These videos even serve as valuable assets for SEO, as they are now also crawled and ranked by most search engines, helping improve search rankings and attract organic traffic. Moreover, they are easily shared across social media, extending their reach and impact while amplifying the brand’s visibility.

The migration of short form video content to the extended webs entails a wealth of opportunities for companies to connect with their audience. It simplifies the communication process, relaying messages across effectively, and driving meaningful results for businesses. Embracing this format is, currently, almost mandatory, and incorporating it into their marketing strategies companies can stay afloat of the trends and keep their relevance in the competitive digital landscape.

How can you make the most of your short form video strategy?

Now to the interesting part: how can you generate the most impact with your short form video strategy? Integrating videos into a website can be done through several ways, finding the perfect one for you and your content will maximize its impact and optimize your web performance. Video embedding on a relevant web page is typically the best approach, as it ensures a seamless integration with the website’s design and enhances user experience. This method of video insertion also guarantees minimal weight added to your webpage. Furthermore, the use of captivating video thumbnails or previews can entice the visitors to engage with this content.

Posting short form video content on your website can be great for your user experience, but present severe detriment to your website’s performance if some crucial elements aren’t taken into account. Your content should always be optimized for adequate performance and SEO. In order to achieve this, we must focus on several key factors:

  1. Always think of compressing your video files as much as you can without compromising quality. This will minimize load times, improve overall website speed and rank you positively on Google’s Core Web Vitals. There exist several Media Optimization tools that can enable you to do this, some of them for a minimum cost.
  2. Choose the right video format to ensure compatibility across different browsers and devices, or make use of a tool that automatically does this for you according to the device the content is viewed on.
  3. Optimize your video’s metadata (titles, descriptions and tags). This enhances discoverability in search engine results and will improve your SEO performance.
  4. Leverage video sitemaps and schema markup also with the aim of helping search engines better understand and index your content, all with the aim of boosting visibility and driving traffic.

Finally, some placement considerations. Videos should always be placed on strategic, high-traffic pages, such as product pages, landing pages, home pages, etc. Why? They can increase online sales or subscriptions since they provide valuable information or demonstrations to potential customers. This information will be most valuable on pages leading to a transaction, and not so much on other areas, such as the blog, although short video content may still be implemented here for branding purposes. Always remember to implement call-to-action buttons (CTA) within the videos to encourage viewers to take the desired action, whatever that may be: signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, subscribing to a free trial, etc.

Implement different strategies in order to ensure optimum performance and quality for your short form video content.
Certain key elements can be implemented in order to ensure the highest possible quality and performance for your short form video content.

Incorporating these simple techniques will render the maximum results for your short form video strategy, and ensure you effectively enhance your user experience, drive conversions and achieve your sales and subscription goals.

Real life examples of short video marketing

Many companies already implement short format video content to their web marketing strategies. Exploring the ways in which great actors of different sectors adopt this technique can give much insight into their utility, and ample inspiration. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Starting with the e-commerce sector, fashion retailer ASOS already incorporates short video content on its website in order to showcase its latest collections. It employs brief fashion videos through which they highlight key pieces as well as styling tips. Through this system, ASOS enhances its customer’s shopping experience while providing them with inspiration and encouraging purchases.
  2. Following up with the tourism sector, AirBnB uses short form video content when promoting travel destinations and diverse experiences on their website. They upload captivating videos that feature stunning landscapes as well as local attractions and unique accommodations. In this way, Airbnb effectively motivates travelers to explore new destinations and book their next vacation.
  3. In the real estate industry, Zillow, a leading online real estate marketplace, already integrates short form video content when showcasing properties, be it for sale or for rent. As they provide virtual tours as well as highlight reels of homes, they enable potential buyers or eager renters to visualize themselves in the space, thus driving up engagement and inquiries.
  4. In the hospitality sector, who better as an example than Starbucks: the beverage-giant incorporates short form video content in its website as a means of introducing new menu items, or to promote exclusive, seasonal offerings. They create mouthwatering videos that highlight delicious beverages or treats. This visual stimulation entices customers to visit their stores, or even place their orders online! This effectively drives sales and brand loyalty.

As companies continue to evolve and strive to adapt themselves to ever-changing trends, incorporating short form video content is a sure way of establishing a clear channel of communication with mass audiences. Creating these videos is simple, as they’re short and sweet, and users expect authenticity and spontaneity when it comes to this kind of content. They are truly a must-have in today’s digital and marketing landscape!

Key Takeaways

As we’ve seen through the introduction of this article, short form video content has evolved greatly from its origins, stemming from social media platforms, to eventually bloom into a powerful tool for companies across a range of sectors and industries. Integrating this kind of content into their website can enable businesses to enhance their user engagement, boost traffic as well as increase conversions. It’s very interesting to consider techniques, such as video embedding, web performance optimization and SEO optimization to strategically adapt short form videos for the best results. Scaleflex DAM can store, process and deliver your short form video content, rendering the process smoother.

Be it fashion retailers eager to showcase their latest collections, travel platforms inviting travelers to dream and book their desired destinations, or real estate marketplaces looking to offer virtual property tours, short form video content plays a crucial role in boosting and enhancing online presence, which results in increased success for businesses!

Content Operations

Africa Aguiar Lería