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Releasing Filerobot - Brand new Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

Filerobot is a new SaaS service bringing developers, product and marketing teams to work together all along the media lifecycle. It will help store and organise all media...

Laura Berger
Laura Berger

Introducing Filerobot, your DAM Best Friend!

Filerobot is a new SaaS service bringing developers, product and marketing teams to work together all along the media lifecycle.

It will help store and organise all media (images, videos, audio, static files, …) required on your web|mobile application, process and optimise them before delivering them lightning fast to your end users. Everyone involved in the media lifecycle (content managers, marketers, technical writers, …) will be able to efficiently collaborate on one single and multi-tenant platform.

Introducing Filerobot: your new Digital Asset Manager

✓ Store your assets in the Cloud
✓ Process & Manage all kinds of Media (images, videos, CSS, JS, PDF…)
✓ Distribute them lightning fast via CDN

… all that, with amazing UI, API, Plugins and Support.

From delivering images to building… a ROBOT!

At this point, you have certainly noticed that we are quite obsessed with getting your images delivered in the fastest way around the world.

We launched Cloudimage as a side-project for helping people with image and website acceleration while keeping the highest image quality.

4 years and 400 customers later, Cloudimage is now our main focus! Our beloved customers never stopped challenging us on new topics like storage, video transcoding, asset management… and so much more!

Powered by

Today we are PROUD to announce you that you contributed to building a GREAT new product called Filerobot, a friendly Robot who will help you with Digital Asset Management 🙌

3 Reasons you will ♥️ Filerobot

  1. ONE solution for all your image lifecycle: from storage to distribution via optimization and acceleration
  2. Cost Transparency: one fixed price +PAUG
  3. Killing feature set: auto-tagging, automatic compression ratio, customizable UI, …
Filerobot for Media Processing and Management

We ♥️ Open-Source Plugins

We chose to release all our plugins open source as we are a team of developers working for and with developers! We are very excited about receiving your feedback and improving our tools consequently.

360° Spin View Plugin

Create amazing 360° views of your products (JS)
1.3K ⭐️ on GitHub and #3 Product of the Day 🥉on ProductHunt (548 upvotes on April 19, 2019)

Responsive Images Plugin

Make your existing images responsive without creating new images (JS, ReactJS, AngularJS)

38 ⭐️ on GitHub and #4 Product of the Day 🏅 on ProductHunt (288 upvotes on March 24, 2019)

And more to come every week, stay tuned!
Checkout Filerobot here and register for a demo here.

Get your Welcome sticker!

To celebrate Filerobot’s launch, we have made some stickers for you:

D.A.M it!

Email us your mailing address at with the number of stickers you would like to receive and we will be happy to ship them to you!

Made with ♥️ by the Scaleflex Team.

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Laura Berger