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Edit images in the browser with the open source Filerobot Image Editor

Integrated in a minute, the Filerobot Image Editor open source plugin will allow your users to apply a multitude transformations to images straight in their browser.

Emil Nova
Emil Nova
Filerobot Image Editor

Resize, add effects and filters on any image

Cloudimage does a great job at resizing and optimizing images on-the-fly for automating fast delivery.

However, there are many use cases where marketing teams would like to modify the origin image before it gets processed by Cloudimage. This is usually done in a graphics editor like Photoshop and Illustrator, requiring to download the image, editing it, saving it and uploading it again to the media server (and also costly licenses!).

Most of the times, the transformation performed in the graphics editor are quite basic: resizing, cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, filtering, watermarking, ...

Imagine all these features would be available to your teams in an easy-to-implement web plugin, directly in your CMS (Content Management System).

This is the solution the Filerobot Image Editor is enabling with a free, open source solution! Some of the features available in the Filerobot Image Editor:

  • Resize with custom width and height
  • Crop with custom of framed width and height
  • Rotate to 90°
  • Apply Watermark
  • Apply various filters and effects
  • Build collages
  • ... and many more features available to test in the demo

Once edited, the Image Editor will return the edited image for download.

If you are a Filerobot DAM or Cloudimage customer, the edited image will be stored in your Media Library and delivered rocket fast over CDN all around the World 🚀.

The Filerobot Image Editor is fully integrated with the state-of-the-art Filerobot Uploader, also available as open source solution for adding a powerful uploader into your application.

Implementation guide as a video tutorial below:

Filerobot Image Editor — Integration Video

We ♥️ ProductHunt & Github

We chose to release all our plugins open source as we are a team of developers working for and with developers! We are very excited about receiving your feedback and improving our tools consequently.

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Emil Nova