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How did SeLoger accelerate their websites with image optimization?

Learn how SeLoger resolved the challenge to alleviate a massive static infrastructure, with more than 1 million ads and 10.000.000 new property photos per month.

Laura Berger
Laura Berger
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Powered by: is the largest online service to look, rent and sell a property in France. Created in 1992, SeLoger started its web journey in 2000 with

Today more than 300 people work in this team to offer a complete marketing and advertisement service to professionals of the property market.

The challenge: replace a massive on-premise infrastructure

With more than 1 million ads and 10.000.000 photos of properties online, the volume of’s picture library requires a flexible infrastructure capable of delivering a spotless service to a very high number of visitors every day. already had an internal service deployed for a few years.

This infrastructure had become too heavy and static to handle modern image compression algorithms with hundreds of underlying edge-cases. decided to put their media server in the Cloud and encountered a first challenge in trying to compare the different offers on the image resizing and CDN market.

For example, depending on the service provider the pricing would comprise a cost per transformation or per volume of images transformed. also wanted a complete service comprising infrastructure, software, maintenance and CDN.

Adding to the challenge of running a dynamic infrastructure came the matter of delivering excellent performances when resizing and sending a picture without multiplying cache and storage needs.

On top of the technical requirements was the question of the budget. The request of was to keep it reasonable but also easy to anticipate if their needs were to change over time.

The solution: why chose Cloudimage for any image optimization? chose Cloudimage as its first outsourcing of an IT service in the Cloud. Alexandre Nérat explained the reasons behind this choice.

A great pre-Sales experience: the first contact between Cloudimage and was established quickly.
Alexandre Nerat, CTO Run, explained that the fact that he good engage quickly with real specialists of a service “made in Europe” was extremely positive.

A POC was built and series of tests ran over a few weeks to validate the solution. The tests were definitely conclusive.

A high level of performance: could move from their legacy system to Cloudimage overnight, and after some optimizations made by the Cloudimage team the level of performances quickly reached the expectations of’s CIO, who stated: “the technical support is very reactive and easy to engage with. The tickets are escalated very quickly!”

A budget under control: Today Cloudimage and are using the same metrics to measure the usage of the service and are speaking “the same language”.
Thanks to a simple price structure, clear and all included Cloudimage offers a longterm visibility on the cost of the service.

The ClO and CFO can easily anticipate a variation of their budget depending on the activities of and can avoid any unexpected budget request.

With a performance, a cost and a service under control, delivering up to 80.000 images per minute Alexandre Nérat said he would Absolutelyrecommend Cloudimage to a peer with a similar need!

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Laura Berger